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Welcome to the Wang Lab!

Our laboratory has long-standing experience in studying nuclear receptor SHP (Small Heterodimer Partner) regulation of metabolic and liver diseases.

Research in this laboratory is focused on several related areas centered on nuclear receptor regulation of chronic liver diseases: 1) transcriptional and translational regulation of non-coding RNA (microRNA and lncRNA) in bile acid metabolism and cholestatic liver fibrosis; 2) nutrient mediated mTOR and metabolic signaling in the epigenetic control of liver cancer; 3) circadian clock control of ER stress signaling and homocysteine metabolism in alcoholic fatty liver.

Our approach makes full use of systems biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, and genome wide high throughput transcriptomics (RNA-seq) and metabolomics (GC-MS). Both in vitro cell culture and in vivo knockout mouse models are employed for our studies. Our ultimate goal is to provide a better understanding of the molecular basis of chronic liver diseases and liver cancer.